Tiny Home With Dormer in Humboldt County

Funky, but it shows an interesting variation: a dormer that would make the otherwise claustrophobic loft feel more spacious. I don’t remember seeing this on any of the typical steep-gabled tiny homes. Also, note the shakes for rain protection over the door.

4 Responses to Tiny Home With Dormer in Humboldt County

  1. Anonymous says:

    okay, keep meaning to ask you Lloyd, what is the purpose of that sort of square on the very top of the roof? — Me, I am thinking (especially since it is a small house) a sort of skylight/moonroof ==like cars–which can be opened??

    Nice angles on this little home.

  2. That sheet metal roof's gonna blow off in the first big wind storm.

  3. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Anon — Don't know. Maybe it's a leaky skylight.

  4. Anonymous says:



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