Amethyst Laccaria Mushroom

These are a beautiful shade of purple. Here’s one illuminated, turns pink.

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  1. Anon says:

    Lloyd, I know you do a lot of foraging at times, eating wild food/plants, and wondered if you’ve run across/eaten Turkey Mushrooms? They are said to be tough and stringy, and so a lot of folks prefer to take the capsulated supplement from them. Myself, have always thought straight from food is best, but I am not skilled like you in food harvest. Anyway, sending this link /comment to you, in case it is info you wish to have/might use. take care

    Turkey Tail extract turns ordinary muscle into super muscle

    A supplement with an extract from a mushroom that grows in forests and parks around the world may increase both muscle strength and endurance. Scientists from Taiwan write this in the International Journal of Medical Sciences. That mushroom is called Coriolus versicolor in Latin, but you probably know it as a Turkey Tail.

    Remarkably, the lowest dose was just as effective as the higher doses. It is therefore possible that the optimum dose of Coriolus veriscolor is below the range that the researchers tested in this animal study, we suspect.


    If you have ever tried these, do try them, would like to hear what you thought of their effects/if any.

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