Miracle in the Garden This Morning

Lesley’s been watching the chrysalis every day. She just came in to tell me it had emerged when I was on an important phone call so I handed Evan my iPhone and he shot the pic. Note the shell of the chrysalis at right; how did the butterfly ever fit in that small enclosure? Stunning, and it’s the kind of thing that’s going on in the natural world every moment. As Leonard Cohen says, halleluja!

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  1. “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly.” Life is filled with so many miracles and beautiful moments…..I find i can really lose sight of that, especially with all that is happening in the world right now. Thanks for sharing this magical moment and reframing – life is good!

  2. Awesome! Looks like a female. We have an abundance of milkweed on our property, so each year I raise & release monarchs. Amazing to watch the process from egg to caterpillar to butterfly. Last year I released 49, but this year I didn't find as many eggs. However, our friends in San Antonio said there was a large migration that went through (yay).

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