Did I say I was going to give up skateboarding? Well…

You never miss the hand until the wrist is broke…

I was in a state of pain, shock, depression and self-castigation when I decided to quit:


Update: I’ll take 6 months or more to get the wrist break well healed, then devise some kind of right arm brace AND quit the stupid stuff, of which I did a lot. All my skating injuries have been while dicking around sans safety equipment.

I’ve got a state-of-art lightweight strong fiberglass cast, it’s healing beautifully, am making and taking bone broth, calcium citrate, vitamin D3, and eating prunes (said to promote bone strength). Now out of a 2-week deep depression and feelin purty good. You can really appreciate the highs after abject lows. Whoo!

The human body is magnificent in so many ways. I mean bones (properly aligned) grow back together. We, the managers of those bones, set things up as well as we can, then just sit back and watch while the body knits itself back together. Milagro!

I’ll probably skate 80% less but hell, I ain’t giving it up. It’s too god damn much fun! I’ve long planned to get pics skating on my 90th and 100th birthdays. I’m just gonna be a lot more careful.

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  1. ah Lloyd, was waiting for this, sigh/grin/sigh…

    glad to hear all you doing to get well (especially the prunes…simple but apparently helpful for bones)..

    one more thing I have come across, watch out for Vit D toxicity, which can cause weak bones and bone/muscle pain.

    while you may go "huh" "nuts", with most of the medical world touting it, it is apparently easy to acquire Vit D toxicity…There is much less "body need" for vit D tablets than one might think, especially for someone like you who is outside and eats a great variety of foods, etc.. Many foods have this.

    then…if you take Antacids , etc..apparently they interact in some way to make it very easy to overdose/weaken bones..

    Antacids — Taking certain antacids for long periods of time may alter the levels, metabolism, and availability of vitamin D.

    so..some of the ways to get excess vit D, in addition to any tablets taken?

    milk/milk products have vitamin D added (by law), and whatever is recommended for daily glasses of milk will usually supply adequate vit D,
    then, vit D is added to other products too,

    Vitamin D Toxicity "bones"

    Hypervitaminosis D

    Milk-Alkali Syndrome

    vitamin d, Antacids


    then again, if you happen to have any bleeding problems, clotting problems, or on a blood thinner, Vitamin D can thin the blood (not something any medical person usually will mention)…

    check out
    Vitamin D, Rat Poison
    It kills the rats by causing them to bleed to death. I have known some who cannot take vitamin D, as it (appears) to cause them to bleed easily when cut slightly.

  2. Hope the break is healing well, even so, you might like to research a herb called Knitbone. Had heard of it previously, but long forgot.

    Knitbone Herb


    Russian comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum).
    Given the moniker 'knitbone', comfrey has a high allantoin content and can be ground into a poultice and slathered on the skin to accelerate the healing of bones. It works.

    Given that one of the active ingredients in this herb, Allantoin, has been found to have regenerative properties, and life extending properties, maybe there is more than I thought to the "Bone Knit Herb properites"

    (apparently quite a lot of face creams, many quite cheap, have high
    Allantoin content.)

  3. hoping you are healing well. Ran across this several times, seems to be used for many conditions, including some I have read on "breaks"/ Injuries. Sending it on in case it is of any use/interest.


    stem cell therapy offered by Dr. Stanley Jones, the co-founder of Houston-based Celltex Therapeutics, which specializes in stem cell banking and therapy.

    this technique uses stem cells from your own fat cells.








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