The More Probable Continuation of This Blog

When I wrote about ending this blog 2 days ago, I was in what you might call a state of mild confused desperation. These (warm summer) days, I’m:

• (joyfully) working on a new book

• trying to figure out how to get more of our books out in bookstores (where people can see them, and pick them up…)

• revamping our digital communications

• shuffling a ton of other things I want to do right now. 

Life is rich.

Thank you guys for the comments. I mean, really! Stephanie gets it. I love ya too, Stephanie. So good to hear I’m connecting.

With the process of iteration, here’s where I’m at this morning:

I’ll keep the blog going. Thanks, George, Rick, Sharkey, etc.

I won’t keep trying to do a post a day. Too stressful, and causing me to sometimes put up less-than-great stuff just to fill in daily gaps. I’ll do a lot less posting stuff from other websites, but put up original material, stuff I’ve done or witnessed, photos new to the internet world. If you were checking it daily, now check it weekly.

Blogs aren’t going to be eliminated by social media, any more than radio was eliminated by TV, or TV eliminated by the internet. They all have their function.

Other digital stuff In discussions yesterday with my two 30-something-year-old consultants, Sean Hellfritsch and my son Evan, we roughed out a plan: I’m going to do Instagram posts from an iPhone 6 (mostly when I’m out and around in the world). I’ll also start tweeting again (fun!). We’ll figure out how to coordinate our extensive home/shelter/building content on my blog, theshelterblog, Instagram, Tumbl’r, Twitter, linking back and forth. Facebook too. Sean’s going to come up with a plan, Evan’s going to do much of the posting. We’ll get the plan together when Rick and Lew are back.

List of things I want to do: make knives (add handles to carbon steel blades), make leather knife sheaths with copper rivets, make abalone shell pendants, make garden furniture out of old split redwood fence posts (with tenon tool), catching rock fish, stripers (never caught one), keep clamming, skinning roadkill (fiddling with making a fur coat), seeking the little fish of the area (mackerel, smelt, anchovies, sardines) with throw nets, hunting (deer and pig), getting my 12′ Aluminum Klamath/15 HP Evinrude back in action (motor just rebuilt) + going by boat to remote beaches to camp for night + just maybe, on a calm day, motoring into SF, taking bike, anchoring at Marina Greens dock, getting around city on bike, sleeping on boat at night…

Foraging and gathering, pickling, preserving various foods, building and tending compost piles, firewood + kindling, tending plants, skateboarding, paddleboarding, hiking, swimming, improving posture, building back upper body strength, stretching, yoga, hot springs occasionally, playing the bass (looking for fretless base guitar), practicing violin and ukulele once in a while, making some videos (doing one next week on office workout equipment), exploring in general, kayaking (another trip on dark night to be in midst of bioluminescence + a trip planned for 2-mile high-tide paddle and camp overnight), backpacking, going to Louie’s (next week), exploring San Francisco and NYC, building a sleeping platform outside, learning to shoot photos and post online from iPhone 6, shooting pictures…

Everywhere I look there’s stuff to do.

Back to layout…

About Lloyd Kahn

Lloyd Kahn started building his own home in the early '60s and went on to publish books showing homeowners how they could build their own homes with their own hands. He got his start in publishing by working as the shelter editor of the Whole Earth Catalog with Stewart Brand in the late '60s. He has since authored six highly-graphic books on homemade building, all of which are interrelated. The books, "The Shelter Library Of Building Books," include Shelter, Shelter II (1978), Home Work (2004), Builders of the Pacific Coast (2008), Tiny Homes (2012), and Tiny Homes on the Move (2014). Lloyd operates from Northern California studio built of recycled lumber, set in the midst of a vegetable garden, and hooked into the world via five Mac computers. You can check out videos (one with over 450,000 views) on Lloyd by doing a search on YouTube:

29 Responses to The More Probable Continuation of This Blog

  1. Lloyd, I'm so glad you've reconsidered. The world would be a less interesting place without your blog. I would have posted a comment on your leaving, but I was too horrified.

  2. Hey Lloyd, I'd just like to say that my personal favorites of your posts fall into 2 categories:
    1) Travels and adventures (particularly when you've visited a friend or acquaintance that builds beautiful things)
    2) Something you've just got to share. You've discovered or been sent something very interesting.

    Maybe you could just post when these sorts of things happen and maybe add some more detail than usual instead of the feeling the pressure to do it daily? Hopefully that's useful feedback…?

    Personal note: I really like the blog format, and the richness of detail it can provide. Most other social media is quick fix stuff and doesn't appeal to me as much. The only other format that I really like is online video a al Youtube. That can give great detail, but it would require moving into a completely different format… Anyway, look forward to connecting with your content however it comes…

  3. Lloyd….very much cheered to hear of new plans. I look forward to your posts, the comments of the community you have created here. New ideas sound interesting, and look forward to what they bring.

  4. Hi Lloyd,

    Just know, your contributions to the world are appreciated in any form they take, but I'm happy I'll still be reading your words here.

    Happy travels, living and adventure!

  5. I seem to recall you posted a couple of years ago about ditching the blog. It just didn't happen. Do it as often as you like, but not every day. We love it, and I love the Shelter blog as well.

  6. When I am in search of inspiration, a look from a different perspective, or to reassure myself that there are those who still have the same ideals, there is Lloyd Khan.
    I'd have a bit of a time without some new posts.

  7. It's a little late in the year to be pulling "April Fool's" stunts.

    Some thought in an ordered list:

    1) Since I have preemptively stopped reading this blog as of two days ago, I'm not reading this post, and therefore, not commenting on it, either.

    2) From this point onward, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable reading the blog again because I'd feel like I was forcing entertainment out of someone whose heart isn't really into providing it. Lloyd doesn't seem to be the type to create drama just for the attention it creates. When someone says repeatedly that they don't want to do something, but doesn't stop doing it, something's wrong. I don't want to feed the expectation of performance that continued blog posts generates.

    3) Lloyd has been known in the past to have and follow reality shifts in his thinking to positive results. I'm thinking in particular of his loss of faith in the geodesic dome as the "perfect" living structure. If he hadn't penned "Smart But Not Wise" in Domebook 3, I never would have built my Housetruck, in which I lived for the next 38-1/2 years. Think ~maybe~ he knows what he is doing this time too?

    4) The internet does seem to be devolving generally. Favorite web site are updated less often, followed blogs dwindle and disappear, the whole thing looks to be one big marketplace and/or an online encyclopedia. Guess I'll just set my sights lower and be happy with a few web comics, current news and the local weather, and spend more time in the "real" world. Internet service out here sucks anyway, tired of fighting it.

    5) Self-respect should not be conditional. The best way to be not disappointed is to lower your expectations to the point where they are already met. (tip o' the hat to Bill Waterson)

  8. YEAH….grateful. that was a "down day" when you posted that…and love all the stuffs you're going to do. once a week is just great….and I also love the Shelter blog. Keep enjoying life and keep us posted.

  9. I'm so glad you're going to continue the blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading it. So many delightful and interesting slices of life. Thank you.

  10. YAY! That's great news and what a wonderful list of stuff to do up there! I'm so inspired … I'm making my list today … I've been collecting beautiful turkey feathers up here in Maine. I'll make something. Will trade you 20 turkey feathers for an abalone shell pendant! Sounds like a great plan delegating to the younger kids what to do on all those social media websites so you can get outside! Happy Days Are Here Again! Be well, Lloyd …

  11. When I commented on your prior 'decision' to end the blog the other day, I somehow was aware that you were likely in a state of confused overwhelm and would likely come around to the realization that the blog is, in fact, an intrinsic part of your life and wouldn't be abandoned lightly if at all. Turns out that was apparently the case. I'm pleased that you've come to the decision to continue – weekly will be sufficient, by the way.

    By the way, I've noted that the ShelterBlog seems to replicate a lot of what you post with respect to buildings and such. Consider posting such only to the ShelterBlog thereby lightening the load on your personal blog.

  12. What they all wrote. Personally, I'm just damn glad for whatever you find enjoyable to do that finds its way to all of us (with the sometimes not enjoyable reality of finding your way to the enjoyable). That's plenty of inspiration, which is why I read your words in the first place. And last place.

  13. yet another comment

    Lloyd, so much appreciate and enjoy this blog.

    have said so, there is no reason if you do continue, it cannot change.

    we have all enjoyed it thus, pretty certain we would enjoy just about any post from you.

    -fish out some long forgotten things you wrote as a young (er) whipper snapper (it really might be interesting to see some of your thoughts from earlier ages (ten/twenty/thirty/forty/fifty etc yrs back)….

    -fish out some pics of you/of your life from yrs back


    just do what you find satisfying, and if we get to read posts/pics/thoughts, we will enjoy it too. if you turn in a new direction, basketweaving or chess master, all good…

  14. I'm so glad you aren't going to eliminate your blog because I enjoy it so much. I'm not on many social sites so this would be the only place to see you.
    Best of luck though in all the new things you are doing, it's always fun to stretch and grow whenever possible.
    I always get so inspired when I visit here. Thanks so much.

  15. Dear Lloyd,

    I'm glad, as so many others, to hear of your resolve to continue this blog. You are an inspiration. I read your blog much more than Boing Boing, just sayin.

    Digitally, nothing stays the same for very long. Many tech oriented businesses are falling apart and folding in SF. This week it was Stumbleupon that announced layoffs. My advice is to put your energy into Instagram over Twitter. Instagram is growing much faster and has a demonstrated reach that Twitter can't match. Your content is best served by photos, videos and captions (not tweets).


  16. Very good news. I would have followed your words to Tumblr or wherever. Now I don't have to figure out how to eliminate "Lloyd's Blog" from my tool bar.

  17. Geez, Lloyd, no need for explanations. Anyone who does blog posts routinely knows the frustration of trying to keep up with the schedule. I often thought, "Crap, how does Lloyd keep up with a daily post on 2 blogs?" I hope the guy up the line with all his pompous BS is a friend of yours and just pulling your leg. Anyway, when you get a chance, drop a few lines and pics about your adventures. In the meantime we'll be scoping The Shelter Blog.

  18. Jeez Lloyd! I thought I was going to have to find me a new Chocolate Jesus.
    Don't worry about the reblog stuff. Most of us will have seen it already where you did… That's why we check your blog in the first place. Good sh*t!. We want to know about the road kill, garden harvest, stream swim, Louie, random graffiti, old random barns, broken ribs, fire wood!, skating, creative builders you have discovered, creative builders that have discovered you, book projects, chickens, bread, sauerkraut… anyway, keep up the good work at your pace, not ours.

    Thanks, Gary

  19. Part of my Saturday morning ritual is checking your blog for the week's entries. Whether many or one, they make my day better. Today, I see you'd considered stopping updates, then reconsidered – whew! Once a week, or even every two weeks, is more than worth it to me. Thanks for all the information and wonderful photos and music- you make life better. naomi

  20. Hi Lloyd, I have been reading your blog for several (4?) years. and have 2 of your books, the septic manual and Home Work. I've thought about writing to you but haven't done so until now. In short I am glad you are going to continue the blog – I guess I am a bit old school as I don't do Twitter nor have an iPhone 6. I built my own cabin in the woods of Western Massachusetts followed by a super-insulated, near-zero-energy house (mostly built by a builder but finish work by me.) When I'm working on the house or in the garden I don't usually read your blog, but when I'm back in my office (I am a part-time documentary film professor in Boston), I OFTEN read your blog as a way to relax and day-dream. It is the perfect antidote to a stressful day. If I were closer to northern CA, I would come visit you, but I hardly ever get out there.
    From a kindred spirit and big fan,
    Laurel G

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