Saturday Morning Fish Fry: Salmon/Ribs/Portland/Timi Yuro

Left: salad with cucumbers, parsley from garden, cattail shoots

Salmon are biting. My friend Louie said there were 100s of boats out near Pt. Arena last week. Salmon and halibut are around these waters too. I keep being impressed by our local fishermen, who have to make it out a channel through breaking waves to reach the ocean. Not for the faint hearted; every few years a boat gets dumped. Certainly not like motoring out of a wave-free port. Now that I’m back on the beach a lot, I’m admiring the shore fishermen, especially those going after striped bass. Their gear and techniques, a zen-like skill. Hey with all the rotten news all over the world right now, the ocean right here is healthy; glass half-full…I’m pretty miserable (can I whine?); a bike fall didn’t feel so bad until a few days later, I cranked down with a plumbing wrench on a 1-1/4″ pipe union, pain like a hot knife in ribs. Shit! Turns out not to be broken rib, but tear in intercostal muscle. Like my friend Paul says about rib injuries, “Please God don’t let me sneeze.” Puts big dent in my plans to take a skateboard with me to Portland next week…Hey you people who know Portland: I’ve got an extra day or so, want to shoot photos of barns and farm buildings (my favorite architecture) within a few hours of the city; any tips?…I can’t figure out how I never heard of Timi Yuro, the diminutive singer in the ’60s with the huge voice; I gotta admit, I’m in love. She was constrained by Liberty Records but even with Nelson-Riddle type strings backing, she was a powerhouse. One only can wish that she’d had Jerry Wexler or Phil Spector arranging for her. The following song is with Phil:

What's a Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You)(12-'62N)stereo by Yuro, Timi on Grooveshark

She sings a little flat, which has a sweetness. On some songs, a lot of similar phrasing to Etta James.”

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  1. Hey Lloyd, young hill bomber of Portland here. If you can't make it to a zoobomb with us (google it 🙂 then you have to go check out the abandoned farm out on Sauvies Island. Bring a knife or scissors with you so you can get through the blackberries, it's worth it to go exploring. There's a barn, farm house, and several other buildings. Oh yeah, the black berries and abandoned fruit trees are all just ripening up. To get there, google directions to NW Oak island RD, Portland Oregon. Google maps will take you to the start of Oak Island Rd, just go ahead and follow it into the wildlife sanctuary, down the gravel road, over the cattle grate and to the "parking lot." From there you should be able to see the abandoned farm, hope you don't mind cows. If you end up at Haldeman pond you turned off Oak island rd too soon.

    I like to pack a lunch and sit real still in the barn, soon enough all of the critters start coming out, including a barn owl.

    Have fun!


  2. I forgot to say, stop at the store directly over the bridge to the island and pick up a day pass. Seven bucks lets you into the wildlife areas.

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