Seeking Advice on Wetsuits

I’m heading to Santa Cruz for 2 days to see my daughter-in-law and 2 grandsons (Papa has gone to Nashville on music business).

   I want to get a really good wetsuit (with built-in hood) that I don’t have to struggle so much to get into (and out of), and doesn’t feel like a suit of armor (like my custom made 5/4). Any suggestions? My friend Ray swears by his $500 O’neill suit which he says is really flexible.

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  1. hey now, i just bought o'neill full suit 323 for $200.00 at the frog house in new port beach ca. i love it, been a o'neill fan for forty years now, aways got my money worth. got a new robert august 8' 10 a gift to myself for fifty years of riding waves. pixs of it on my fb page !!

  2. Do you use a plastic bag when putting on a wetsuit? Got the tip from someone who surfs in cold Atlantic waters. He recommended putting a plain plastic bag over each hand and foot as you put on your wetsuit. It just slides right over the bag and makes putting it on much quicker and easier. Doesn't help with the taking off, though.

  3. How about one of the battery powered vests? Then wear a 3/3 over it. After surfing my way through maybe 25 suits in 32 years of norcal surfing, I have yet to find a 5/4 that is "flexible" But more important that brand is the fact that each sizes a bit differently. So a medium rip curl wont fit like an oneill of same size. I currently wear an excel, 5/4 with hood and love it. But its not that flexible, none are when they start to get that thick. Try a battery vest Lloyd and let us know how it works!

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