Daily Flash – Turning Off Seat Belt Warning Bells

I got a ton of comments to my post of a few weeks ago about turning off automobile warning bells. Lew was able to turn off his Ford’s bells by following instructions in the user manual (as had been suggested in a comment). A few days later he came up with the “seat belt extender,” which I ordered and installed— voila!~and it works! So great to not be nagged by bells.

   I do buckle up, but  when I want to, and if I’m going to drive 10 mph going downtown, I sometimes don’t use the seat belt—irresponsible, I know.

   Click here for the link to the extender for Honda Fits. Click here for link to seat belt extenders in general. The only caveat is that you have to depend upon the extender to be strong enough to not disconnect in an accident.

    Now to figure out the keys-in-ignition/door-open bells, which I believe is more difficult.

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5 Responses to Daily Flash – Turning Off Seat Belt Warning Bells

  1. Helmet laws, seat belt bells, next we will be saying the banks can't charge overdraft fees and the NSA can't read my email. Old hippie rebels don't give up, they secretly shut off the seat belt warning. Love it.How about those tags on wood stoves that say " caution, hot when in use" like if you can read you should be smart enough not to touch a hot stove. Caution signs and warning bells reduce personal responsibility.

  2. It's one thing to be annoyed when you're loading the car– "keys-in-ignition/door-open bells"– but this "10 mph going downtown" business is ridiculous; it sounds like the bells toll for THEE! You're not really just going 10 mph, and anyway please protect yourself from some other driver recklessly going 50.

  3. Usually a single chiming unit is used for all the warning sounds, the best solution is to get the door open while key in ignition tones going then root around under the dash, locate the relay like unit and unplug it from the wiring harness.

    Salsa, It sounds like you have never been to 'downtown' Bolinas!

  4. I too hate the unnecessary warning click-clicky noise and use a lollipop stick to keep it quiet until I'm ready to put the belt on.

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