The High Line, The East River Ferry, and Old Time Music at French Bistro in Williamsburg

It’s been over 90 degrees the past few days. Last night, after leaving the convention center, I had dinner at The Chop Shop, right near the High Line (on 10th Ave/25th St.), excellent sort of Asian fusion food, caught a cab cross-town to the 34th street East River Ferry, a surprisingly fast (and funky) ferry; the skipper was a cowboy, he’d roar into each dock, then reverse the props, and gently bump up to the landing gangplank.

   It was cool out on the river, a novel way to get to Brooklyn. I walked through Williamsburg to FADA, a French bistro and listened to 2 sets by the Baby Soda Jazz Band as they went through ’20s-’30s songs like Darktown Strutters Ball, Marie, I’ll See You in My Dreams, and the like. This is a great little band. The entire street wall of the place was open to the street and people walking by would either start dancing, or otherwise move to the music.

   In spite of the fact that Williamsburg has been “discovered,” I like it a lot. Great place to wander and explore. I’m told that Bushwick is now what Williamsburg was 10 years ago.

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