Mayan Calendar: Beginning of New World

From Megan Paris on New Year’s day:

“Mayan priests and spiritual guides in Guatemala have said, “The end of the period of the Fifth Sun (which happened on Dec. 21, 2012)
will usher in a new era, in which there will be positive changes in every respect for humanity.

   A Mayan era consisted of 13 cycles, each named B’aktun, and concluded every 5,125 years.
According to the Mayan calendar, Dec. 21, 2012 was the end of the current era, which began in 3114 BC, and the beginning of a new era.0   If you do the math, I think we are in pretty good shape to go…”

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  1. according to Jean-Michel Hoppan (specialist of Mayan glyphs), no one has yet found any depiction of a mayan calendar. The only thing we know, is that their calendar mixed a solar cycle (365 days) and a divinatory cycle (260 days). Like two wheels turning next to each other.
    But things are growing more complicated when you try to find a correlation between those wheels and our Gregorian calendar… According to the most authoritative researchers, the Mayan current era may begin on 11 August 3113 BC – or 11 August 3114 BC. End on 21 december 2012 – or 208 days later (I can't be bothered to calculate when exactly !)
    Anyway, Mayan astrologers didn't predict any disaster : a new era is beginning, thanks to one of their divinity who comes to wind up the Clock !

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