1948 – 1950: Lustron Homes Post-War America Experiments With Pre-Fab Housing

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This reminds me very much of the Lustron home my family lived in around 1950 – 1955, in Evergreen Park, Illinois. Prefabricated, everything made of steel in a factory. Even the closets and cabinets were built in steel. Here’s a link: https://architecture.about.com/od/periodsstyles/ig/House-Styles/Lustron-Homes.htm

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  1. Hi guys,I live in Fort Wayne IN,And as far as i know there are at least two
    of these houses in my city,could be more,But the ones close to me are well kept.

  2. We have two Lustron here in Fairfield, CT. I wrote an article in 1998 about the history of them. One is as it was erected and the other has an addition that the owner, an architect ,had done to look like the original, only it had to be in wood. She would have preferred metal, but that presented too many difficulties.

    There are still some on a Marine military base in the South. I read somewhere that someone referred to them as a cross between a VW bug and a refridgerator

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