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Dear Lloyd

Summer greetings!

i have been trying to find a builder who would be able to build a small room (6×12) on wheels for me and have contacted quite a few of the builders in your books and have not been able to hire anyone yet.

i wonder if you have a suggestion…there must be someone who would love to do this. i need to use very healthy materials as i deal with extreme chemical sensitivities and so i will use materials like coconut oil, pure bees wax , and woods that i am not allergic to…like wormy maple, alder, hopefully i can work with someone willing and loving not to use any glues, store bought windows, sheet goods as my health is important now. there must be someone who would love to do this and i have spoken to many in your books and many are very busy! and not willing to change their building way.

Much Love and light,


I asked Marta for additional info:

i am located in the New Mexico/Colorado area and i would travel to builder in other state if needed as this is very important for me and i would love to see this room completed by October. It is possible to build a trailer without sheet goods and has been done by a few of your submittals in the tiny home book…need someone who has the time now and is interested and experienced. i have been involved in many building projects and can offer good ideas for material choices that work for me. Thanks mucho!

I would like to build a very healthy good living gypsy wagon (6.5 x 11′ inside dimensions ) for myself that could be put or built on a trailer. There will be Kitchen for wonderful cooking of ayurvedic meals and sleeping area and space for Yoga practice. it will be simple and beautiful using woody maple, alder, old barn wood or other old woods, red oak for the framing and walls and floor. Fiber sheet goods will not be used and modern day use of adhesives will be not used or minimized as the air quality of this space is very important.

i would love to hire a builder who has the time to work on this interesting project and who has the time now and has the experience in building a travel trailer or interest in very healthy living.

Late Summer cheer,

Marta – 505 995 9699 or e-mail:

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  1. am i missing the boat?
    have not been on plane for 10 years with the chemical sensitivities
    luckily i did get a trip to down under 20 years ago.
    have not secured a builder yet for healthy sanctuary trailer and so wonder about that Log shell for sale in BC
    Much love
    saw an incredible violet,green,yellow,orange,red rainbow full arc!

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