Connectors for Geodesic (and other) Domes

A pretty complete list of connecting dome struts, both metal and wood. At left is the system developed by Bill Woods of Dyna Domes in Phoenix, Arizona in the mid-’60s.

Funny, they omitted what I think was the best wooden dome hub system, the pipe-section hubs and stainless steel strap tightened with a banding device. This was developed by Fletcher Pence in the Virgin Islands in the early ’60s and was strong and elegant. I saw it used by architect Jeffery Lindsay in L. A. and we used this system at Pacific High School for 10 wood-framed domes in the early ’70s.

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  1. I am looking to buy a couple of Dyna Dome connector kits. Any idea if anybody is still making them? I believe Bill passed away several years back. Hopefully his tooling and dies were saved by somebody. I built a 36′ – 5/8 and a 44′ – 1/2 back in the day. They are great connectors and i want to do a couple more before i get too old. Any info on how i could aquire the kits would be appreciated. My name is Randy. I can be reached at (816) 878-2882 or I am in Kansas City, Missouri

  2. Randy, I live in 2 Bill Woods dyna domes in north Phoenix. My neighbor, Bill Bickel, worked for Dyna Dome in the 70’s when he built his 2 dome houses next door. The previous owner of my place was also named Bill. He also worked for Bill Woods in the 70’s. Yes, 3 guys named Bill all building domes together. I don’t think there are any kits around, but the fork design is fairly simple and easily copied. I could pull one and make a drafted design of it if you’d like. You can google my house, 3115 W Cavedale 85083 I could see if neighbor Bill knows anything about tooling and dies. 281-772-1211 Peter

  3. I have a 40ft dyna dome connector kit I bought back in the late 70’s. I lost all the instruction papers with the different strut lengths,angles,plywood sizes and instructions on how to assemble it.It came from Bill Woods. Is there anyone on earth that might have this information.

  4. Randy, will ask my neighbor Bill who worked for the company for a decade. Are you sure it’s a 40 ft exactly? I ask because I live in a 42 ft dome and if it’s the same as mine I could easily get you the exact dimensions. 2817721211 text first please or call and leave a voicemail. Peter

  5. Peter,thank you for responding. Yes it’s 40 ft in diameter. the basement walls are 2 different lengths. 2 walls 9ft 2and 5/16 ” followed by 2 walls 6ft 4and 7/8″ then 2 long then 2 short all the way around for 16 walls total. The connectors are the pipe hubs with the brackets that bolt on the end of the 2 by 6 struts. I bought the kit in 1978, but changed jobs and moved before I had a chance to build it. Now I’m retired and thinking of doing something with it. Thanks again for responding to my message, Randy

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