3 Responses to Meet the Tiny House Family Who Built an Amazing Mini Home for Just $12,000

  1. Fabulous. I looked at all the photos and read most of the story. It's great. Thanks, Lloyd.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lloyd, I saw this today and thought I would share.. pretty awesomely ambitious for a 16yr old… http://bitsandpieces.us/2012/05/09/16-yr-old-builds-tiny-mortgage-free-home/

  3. You may also be interested in the Sustain MiniHome and the eco-cottage resort concept at the Timber House in Brighton Ontario. See http://timberhouse.net/ecocottage/new-resort/ for more.
    MiniHome is a product of designer Andy Thomson's fascination with cottages. As he put it, “At some point, almost everyone has wanted some kind of escape, a wilderness retreat, a return to a simpler life – closer to nature. This project started with yearning for that kind of simplicity. The MiniHome emerged from this idea – plugged into nature – a kind of in-between place that allows a relationship and mediates between our own nature or physiology and the biosphere.” The MiniHome's creative spark rests on the insight that trailers and trailer parks are the perfect foundation for sustainable cottaging. As Andy states, “Trailer parks, as a form of housing development are extremely light on the land and their infrastructure is nowhere near as disruptive of landform, soils and flora as any other type of domestic architecture. The land tenure is often ingeniously conceived, and results in common facilities (park, laundry, pools, etc.) that are truly a shared community asset.”

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