Mama’s in the alley and she’s got no shoes…

When I was in Duluth, my friends Peter and Cindy were playing a (vinyl) collection of Bob Dylan titled “biograph.” It has versions of a lot of songs I’d never heard. I ordered it the next day, and am playing it now. If you’re a Dylan fan, check it out.

  I think in future ages, Dylan will be recognized as a poet on the level of Chaucer. When I really listen to some of those lyrics, even these many years later, I’m stunned.

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  1. I'm going to have to stop looking at your Blog, it keeps costing me money :0)

    Have you heard Mike Oldfield's "The Songs of Distant Earth" ??

    Another must buy !!!

  2. Ches says:

    Agreed. Dylan up to his motorcycle wreck was a genius, with Highway 61 the top of the mountain. Maybe we could call it the Book Of Bob ( "God Said to Abraham…"). Don't know what happened in that wreck but it changed everything.

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