Canoe Trip in Boundary Waters

Yesterday Peter Henrikson, the timber framing master at the North House Folk School, took me out in a (40 lb. Kevlar) canoe into this water wonderland. I’d heard about it, but it sort of defies description. Now I know why they stay Minnesota has 10,000 lakes. We were out for about 6 hours, going from lake to lake, (Peter) portaging twice. We saw 5 bald eagles, two loons, beaver lodges galore, it was a great day. We had lunch sitting on a big rock. The silence is intense; not even airplanes flying over. We got sweaty after hiking a mile and jumped in a lake (momentarily). Bill, the outfitter, told us to check out a rock that looked like it could a dolmen, and here’s Peter checking out its underside. Glacier, or primitive humans?

  I am having lot of fun! I did my seminar on the small homestead today and am the, ahem, featured

 speaker of this 3-day conference on sustainability. I’m doing my Tiny Homes slide show and answering questions tomorrow night at 7:30 (brick oven pizza being served). I got interviewed on the local radio station today and it sounds like a local web TV outfit is going to film it tomorrow night.

3 Responses to Canoe Trip in Boundary Waters

  1. Anonymous says:

    ainchew dew no fishin dere?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Your life is so freakin' awesome, Lloyd!

  3. David says:

    Up here is "God's country" for sure.

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