5-Min. Video Shot When Tiny Homes Was in Production

This is a 5-min. video by Kirsten Dirksen of me talking about the Tiny Homes book, books of the ’60s like the Whole Earth Catalog, and showing bits of our half acre homestead including production studio.  It was shot while we were in production. Kirsten and her partner Nicolás Boullosa run faircompanies.com, (in Barcelona), which has an “embarrassment of riches” in tiny homes videos.

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  1. Carlen says:

    Hi! I am a 28 year old writer/comedian living in New York City. I just bought Tiny Homes after I randomly picked it up at a bookstore in Brooklyn and I want you to know that all my friends and I love it so much. Your book is so very inspiring and beautiful. Seeing this little video about your book was also really great. Thank you for sharing Lloyd!

  2. Tom says:

    I'm an expat American living in central Taiwan. I have been following your blog and reblogged this video on my Tumblr blog (Happy Wanderer in Taiwan)In the past week, the video has been reblogged three times. Not by anyone in Taiwan though. Such is the way of the internet. Enjoy your blog a lot and am thinking how I can adapt some of what I see to how we are living here.

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