Thinking of Keeping Chickens in Your Yard?

“For newly hatched chicken enthusiasts, the first egg from your own hens is a small miracle. ‘You want to dip it in gold,’ said the writer Susan Orlean, who keeps nine hens at her home in Columbia County, N.Y.

   Then comes the second egg: enough for a triumphant breakfast.…”

Long article in today’s NY Times by Julia Moskin:

Photo by Mark Wallheiser: “A basket of eggs at Greenfire Farms in Havana, Fla.”

Those chocolate eggs are probably from Maran hens.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    extra-russet-red colour and spherical form, typically from Marans hens !

    Marans is a small town surrounded by marshes and canals, on the Atlantic Coast (south west of France). From 12th to 14th centuries, this region was under English domination, so the English ships often stopped over at La Rochelle (near Marans) and unloaded the cocks which were surviving from the cockfight at the time hightly prized by the railers to cheer up their sea isolation. In return, poultries which furnished fresh food and eggs were loaded.
    The ruffs were naturally crossed with marsh hens. The products which were born of these crossings had already colored eggs.
    In the second half of 19th century, an amateur named Louis Rouille started breeding Langshan hens near La Rochelle. These chinese subjects spread in the area and it was by this way that the second crossing processus of the Marans was instituted.
    In french, Rouille means ''rust-coloured''… and Marans hens are called ''the hens that lay golden eggs''. But I prefer ''chocolate eggs'', especially at Easter !

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