The Qunitessential Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grapelli

There are musical partners made in heaven. Sam and Dave. Otis and Carla. Keith and Mick…

   Django and Grapelli are just — all time. Making this music in Paris over 70 years ago. Doesn’t sound old. Contemporary in its beauty and wit and lightness. Imagine the flappers dancing…

   To tell the, er, truth, I have been dancing all over the office to this record. It’s 6:45 PM, everyone is gone, I’d never do this with anyone around. My feet just seem to know where to go to this music.These songs are from 1934-40. I was born in 1935. Hmmm!

   There are tons of records of these two, but this one gets them at their absolute best,

Check out Sweet Georgia Brown:

8 Responses to The Qunitessential Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grapelli

  1. Justin says:

    I actually have this album, along with many others. Ain't life grand?

  2. Stephanie says:

    This post makes me smile so much! Dancing by ourselves … like no one was watching … nothing better!

  3. Tim Joe says:

    Dance as though no one is watching,
    Love as though you have never been hurt,
    Drive like you got a license.

    Do this three times on a full moon and stand back.

    From the Trailer Park Archives

  4. Anonymous says:

    hot jazz club ,such great stuff,got turned on to django and grapelli in the 70s when rock fm was underground with total freedom to play whatever the djs wanted to play,everything from zappa to django,a band with django grapelli influences is dan hicks and his hot licks from their early albums….good stuff

  5. jandean says:

    Lloyd+, theres a band ~Gaucho~ that often plays in SF, often free. You gotta hear them live! Buy the bass player a pint for me, please.
    Check them out at

  6. Gill says:

    …one more Steph, one more…

    Thanks for the smile.
    BTW there is station on, called Beni.FM from Basel Switzerland that streams just Gypsy Jazz if you ever need an instant fix.


  7. Liz says:

    Wow, thought I was the only person in the world who even knew who they were any more. I have that album too, and love it.

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