Converted School Bus, Home on Wheels – $15000 (Olympia)

“My family and I spent the summer and fall of 2011 converting this Dallas City 72 passenger school bus into a home. We devoted our energy to creating an open, warm, bright, and inspiring space for our family. By building up and customizing the back of the bus, we created a very unique and distinctive living space that eliminates the cold, tubular feel of a school bus.…

Model: 1994 Blue Bird TC2000 72 passenger school bus

We put our hearts and souls into making this bus our home and have loved every minute that we have spent living in it. As sad as it is for us to part with it, selling the bus will fund our move to Alaska and give our young growing family a good start there.

If you are interested in purchasing the bus please send us an email and we can arrange a time to meet. We are currently living 9 miles south of downtown Olympia off I-5.…”

From Adam Reitano

4 Responses to Converted School Bus, Home on Wheels – $15000 (Olympia)

  1. I love the back window. Hmm, Olympia isn't very far away from Alberta…

  2. Lontheroad says:

    Hve you seen Joel Allen's 200 sq ft tree-house "The Dream Hatcher"?

  3. Beta says:

    Oh wow, that's inspiring! I'm converting a bus myself and trust me, it's not easy! Buying one already converted is not such a bad idea! But I must say, I'm having a blast! Here's the blog I just started about it…

  4. Anonymous says:

    how about this for nifty use for converted school bus?

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