Folk Art Motorcycle Model, Anchovy Pizza

In the motorcycle shop in Pt. Arena was this little motorcycle made out of what looksd like wood, bamboo and raffia.

Anchovy pizza a la Pt. Arena Cove: first brush with olive oil, then slices of ROMA tomatoes*, small balls of mozarella cut in half (water squeezed out), anchovies. * Roma have v. little water, other tomatoes make pizza too wet. Next time I’m gonna use these tomatoes.

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  1. yarapa says:

    Anchovies are straight from heaven. I didn't discover the beauty of them till I was in university. As a good little Catholic boy I came to realize that I wasn't stuck with just cheese pizza on Friday and I usually didn't have to share my pizza cause most folks didn't like the salty little buggers. I'll be trying that recipe, that looks great.

  2. charlie b. says:

    Hmmm v. interesting pizza. Hope it was good stuff. : )

    Enjoy Louie time.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I heard a good tomatoes-on-pizza tip from Sara Moulton on PBS. She slices and salts them for about 15 minutes first then pats them dry. The salt draws out excess moisture and intensifies the tomato flavor. I haven't tried it yet but it makes sense. (In case you have some amazing heirlooms hanging around…!)

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