Andrew Dickey: Unbelievable Trick Bike Riding

I surfed in Santa Cruz in the 50s, on long balsa wood boards, and sans rubber suits. By the 70s, surfing had evolved mightily, with warm wetsuits, lightweight polyurethane foam boards, and acrobatic maneuvers. I remember meeting one of my 50s-era surfing pals, Rod Lundquist, in the 70s, for a cup of coffee in Santa Cruz, and in talking about the new surfers, he said, “You know, if we could have looked into the future back then, and seen these guys, we would have thought it was science fiction.” That’s the thought I get watching Australian Andrew Dickey here.

Thanks to Kevin Kelly

2 Responses to Andrew Dickey: Unbelievable Trick Bike Riding

  1. Marie says:

    You've seen Danny MacAskill's videos, right?

    I like this video as much as a fantastic travel ad for Scotland as a great bike video.

  2. Patamomma says:

    That is some crazy stuff there!

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