The Return of Teardrop Trailers

“Here’s an item from America’s past I would not have imagined would make a comeback: The teardrop trailer. First produced during the Great Depression and designed in the Streamline Moderne style, the towable campers were lightweight, economical alternatives to full-sized trailers. They typically offered sleeping/lounging space, storage, and a makeshift cooking/food prep surface. Gas prices being what they are these days, teardrop trailers are back in vogue; some models are so light they can be towed by microcars and even motorcycles.…” Posted by hipstomp, 23 Jan 2012

Thanks to John Norton for this

2 Responses to The Return of Teardrop Trailers

  1. Lloyd, you had one of these on an earlier post and I've been researching these on the net and what a blast. I found out from my brother that my dad built one in 1945 and traveled to Colorado. I sooooooo loved that trip and didn't know why I was drawn to that first TEARDROP trailer you posted. I'm a thinking that I want to make one myself. thanks for more ideas AS ALWAYS…aloha, irene

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am completely in search of the perfect teardrop for my 2015 ventures! I'd love if you have anything come your way if you'd send me the details. I'm at I'm looking for one that's under $5k.

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