Into the Wet Woods Yesterday

After a 6-week drought, we had about 5″ of rain on the weekend, and it was wonderful in the woods. A slight breeze, the air like cool nectar, smell of earth. I wandered down a hitherto unexplored canyon and discovered a stand of good-sized redwoods still scarred from a fire. There was a real old, mighty tree, thick at the base, that had a complete room inside the truck, hollowed out by the fire. Bottom right pic is looking out from inside the tree.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey sorry it's off topic Lloyd but thought you might like:

    ¿can yo mount'n bike do dat?

  2. bayrider says:

    I sure miss the redwoods, I will have to journey to the coast soon.

    Lloyd, I saw this article about Druid Woods in the NYT just now and I'm betting you are acquainted with some of the folks involved. The slide show shows some interiors of Mr. Stiles house, really amazing. As many times as I have been to Muir Woods I was never aware of this little community.

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