Hong Kong Airport a Great One

Just noodling around here at the Hong Kong airport. I got here 5 hours early, can you believe it? The supposed (free) wi-fi connection isn’t working, of course. Jeez, such a drag that wi-fi can be so sketchy. At the last hotel, it only worked in the lobby; in the previous hotel it was like $18 per day. So I’ll send this off whenever. Having a pint of Murphy’s Irish stout and an excellent corned beef sandwich. This airport is really nice. The building is nicely designed and beautifully put together and there are a ton of restaurants.

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  1. I've spent some time in that airport 11 years ago, I remember the cool structural design and really being fascinated by it. I had just finished climbing and travelling through asia for 10 months living on the cheap. Somehow, I managed to get access to an executive lounge and a first class flight home that made my coming home a little surreal, having lived on about $10/day for so long…


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