The Art of Endless Upgrades by Kevin Kelly

 Just ran across this post of Kevin’s, from 16 April 2011:

“…It’s taken me 60 years, but I had an ephipany recently: Everything, without exception, requires additional energy and order to maintain itself. Not just living things, but the most inanimate things we know of: stone gravemarkers, iron columns, copper pipes, gravel roads, a piece of paper. None will last very long without attention and fixing, and the loan of additional order. Life is maintenance.…”

I’ve just been cruising through Kevin’s writings ( Tremendous amount of focussed,thought-provoking output.

Upgrade post here:

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  1. It's actually physics – the second law of thermodynamics. All things move from low entropy (low disorder, lots of energy to maintain) to high entropy ( high disorder, low energy).(Take a look at your desk) It is why time moves forward! So, no wonder it takes time to come to this realization!

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