Música de Semana Pasada

Forgot to post this last week:

Photo at left from: https://physics.lunet.edu/blues/Mamie_Smith.html

Came into San Francisco on foggy coast at 6:30 this morning. The air was dense with negative ions from the big surf. Deep breaths energizing. As I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, there was a Bach cantata playing; then as I was on Union, heading to Cafe Roma in North Beach, Mamie Smith singing “Crazy Blues,” the first blues song to be recorded, in 1920, which, according to the DJ on BB King’s Bluesville, sold 1 million copies the first year.

Purpose for the trip was to get filmed by Channel 7 news, riding my skateboard. Mike Shumann, sports guy (and ex-49er linebacker) for KGO (ABC) local news, is doing a story on me skating. Plus I like an excuse to come into SF on a Sunday, when much of Golden Gate Park is closed to traffic, and one of the two big downsides of skating — falling on pavement, and cars — is removed. There’s a whole layer of stress removed when you can skate without worrying about cars.

Music du jour; “The Horizontal Bop,” by Bob Seeger and The Silver Bullet Band, pure 100% rock n roll a la say “Hot Legs” by Rod Stewart.

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