Re: my posting quoting Maureen Dowd about Obama

I felt that the Iowa mom nailed the issue of Obama standing up to the whacko and reckless Tea Partiers. When Obama was elected, I was moved to the point of tears (during the inauguration, specifically — see video below) and I’m  disappointed in a lot of what’s happened, but think back to the president we had before this one!

I had to turn volume way up on this clip.

It’s such a beautiful duet, with Bettye LaVette and Jon Bon Jovi. They way Jon (I never knew he could sing like this!) sings “…but I know-o-ee-o-o, change gonna come…” and Bettye loves it and reaches for his arm.

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  1. This period in time in the USA is the most confusing and disappointing time I can remember in my 65 years. Like you I was jubilant after Obama's election. I really thought the country would move into an era of enlightenment and health. So much for that dream.

    Partly I believe that forces of the scared and small-minded have been drawn in by political power mongers to form an opposition which no one could overcome. It seems we are heading into a new dark-ages as knowledge and enlightenment are shunned.

    If you've maintained your hope please share it here Lloyd. You're a fine mentor to a confused kid of 65 and I need some help.

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