Fresh salmon and road-kill venison ribs

The salmon are back, not like in the past, but it’s an encouraging sign for this magical species. Billy brought us a slab, this is half of it.  We had it with broccoli from the garden (hey, broccoli is entirely different when it’s hours, rather than days, old), Lundberg Sacramento Valley short grain brown rice, such a meal. When we have something so simple and so delicious I think the foodies are missing the point. Fresh pure organic food doesn’t need sauces and chefly acrobatics. The flavors are there. Add a good red California wine (Chasing Lions, as of this week) and umph!

And in the pan are baby (road-kill) venison ribs marinating in a little olive oil, soy sauce, fresh ginger and garlic, a few dashes of Vietnamese hot sauce. A message to you brothers and sisters, you who are into wild flavors in meat: you know you can’t buy anything like the meat of a wild animal. If you get an animal recently hit by a car, it’s win-win-win: meat-skin-skeleton. It has all kinds of flavors you don’t get from domestic human-fed animals. I mean, people who eat hot dogs re going, about my road-kill meals: Eeeeuw! Well, Eeeeuw back. Matter of perspective fer shure. Jeez, did I just get into a sermon here?

And it’s not all flesh around here: it’s been a great year for cattail pollen and I’ve been having (fresh-ground) oat flower-with-cattail-pollen (great year for same, it’s bright yellow) waffles. AND innocculated with sour-dough starter the night before. Rully good…

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  1. Just wanted to state for the record; there are those of us who love both wild game (road caught or otherwise) and hotdogs!!

  2. There was a man in New Zealand some years ago who walked the roads here for seventeen years, up and down the country he wandered, living on fruit and vegetables from farms beside the roads and his meat intake was from roadkill exclusively. He had stashes of refundable bottles in little piles on the outskirts of towns that he would take to shops and get money for… he wrote a wonderful account of his travels… I read it… he was a remarkable individual… one of a kind…

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