Fisherman in kayak and his dog

Coming down the coast Saturday, I went down to a cove on the beach. To get there you had to rappel down a rock face on a rope. Here was this guy fishing out of a kayak, with his dog waiting on a rock. I don’t know how he got dog and kayak down there, but more power to him.  He waved, and in the 20 minutes or so I was on the beach, I saw him pull in a nice size Greenling rock fish. It was a beautiful day, clear water and good ocean smells. I’m going back to check it out for abalone.

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  1. great ! the dog is paying attention, patiently… there's no better ride's partner than a dog, always ready to discovery and fun
    I had sometimes the opportunity to go for a canoe ride with my dog but happily, never in a climbing spot !
    some people do incredible things with their dog's company – in my region's airfield, an English pilot uses to fly in ULM (micro-light delta plane) with Sammy, his blind dog, and D-Day his tamed sea gull. It's not a joke ! people like him make us dream and feel more trust in life because they don't care if something is impossible, they simply do it.

  2. Aww, good dog!! : ) We take our Australian Cattledog kayaking with us. We’ve got Swifty 9.5 footers, and there’s room for Jack to sit between my legs. He’s got his own doggy lifejacket, and he sits pretty good, putting his nose to the wind, sniffing all the lake smells. We’ve got a lot of lakes in our county. The small kayaks are nice – it's easy for us to throw them in the back of the truck and go.

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