Hand forged hatchet

I’ve had this little hatchet for a few weeks now. Seldom have I had a tool give me so much pleasure. I love to look at it as it sits by the fireplace. It makes me happy. And using it is a whole other hatchet experience — it’s razor sharp and cuts beautifully. It makes me want to split wood or sharpen stakes. Hey, I think I need to trim the branches on that dead oak I’m about to cut up for firewood.

Once in a while, a tool has just got it.

It’s hand forged, of Swedish steel (not made in China, by golly), by Husqvarna, the chain saw guys. They also make a larger hatchet (this is definitely smaller than a normal hatchet).



Here is a link to some exquisite Austrian hatchets and axes (thanks, jhm!), but they are way more expensive: https://www.traditionalwoodworker.com/Wood-Axes-by-Mueller-of-Austria/products/531/

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  1. Hey, if that oak hasn't been dead for two long, you oughta think about growing mushrooms in it….I think it needs to be fairly fresh though, like under a few weeks, so if it's older than that, firewood is just as well.

    I like the way oak smoke smells. Makes stuff taste good.

  2. A well crafted and elegant tool by the looks of it. I have a swedish hand axe that works well and has lasted many years. I learned the hard way about correct axe use with it though. I managed to put it though my hand in a moment of utter clumsiness. Lesson learned, tools demand & deserve a respect!

  3. Funny you know Lloyd… I have one almost identical, also hand forged and I bought it second hand some months ago… I have it sitting where I can see it and love handling it. Perfectly balanced it's a delight to use…

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