Concrete pour for new chicken coop today

We lucked out, getting the slab poured before the storm hit. This time around, I’m getting Billy to build a rat-proof chicken coop, complete with concrete floor. The chickens will have a pretty big yard, so they’re only inside at night. It’s going to have a living roof, inspired by SunRay Kelley’s latest designs.

From l-r: Billy, driver from Rich Readimix, and Delfino

This is the chicken coop it’s replacing. I’ve probably built 5-6 chicken coops over the years. No plans, just grabbing what’s around. Soulful, but also hole-ful. The woodrats get in at will and consume the chicken mash, so this time we’re going to button it up. We’ve got a lovely little flock of mostly Silver Seabright bantams, getting 8-9 eggs a day now. Bantams make a lot of sense in a small area.

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