Mark Morford column on Republicans and climate change denial

Quote from gun-slinger writer Mark Morford’s latest column at SFGate titled: “You want the good news, or the bad news?” Check out his 3 links here as well.

“…Every single one of the tiny-brained Republicans on the mid-term election sheet this very year are full-blown, moron-grade climate change deniers, rejecting any notion that humble little man and his seven billion voracious frogspawn has had any real, lasting effect on planetary ecosystems.

Should these GOP lugnuts get into power, expect obscene amounts of push-back against any significant environmental legislation, much fellating of Big Energy and the intellectually constipated Tea Party, lots of new muttering about nuclear power, oil exploration and how the severity of the BP spill was way overblown by the “liberal media elite.…”

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  1. OK – have to comment here, as my hubby is a climate skeptic. He, his sister, and his brother are all scientists. The problem is not that it is NOT happening, it's that the scientists who all claim global warming catastrophic scenarios won't make their data available for inspection by other scientists; many of the places collecting data were skewing the data to the warm side because of locations such as next to blacktop parking lots, etc. This is BAD science! True science isn't political. It's reproduce-able. I do believe that there is global warming, but because of poor data collection, I also believe that the true extent of it won't be understood for years. Right out of college, I worked for one the multi-national oil companies. Since that time, I've always said that that the true cost of oil is in lives. Why thousands of American lives being lost isn't enough incentive to switch to renewable energy has always been a mystery to me. Global warming is just the icing on the cake. BTW, we just built a yurt on our retirement property. Wood heat (it's on an old wood lot – won't run out of downed wood for years). I use rechargeable battery operated LED lights for most of the lighting, but we do have a propane lantern there as well. Composting toilets, and we carry water up there and filter the mountain water out of a stream. Great vacation spot. When we do built our retirement log home, LED lighting will be throughout. Hopefully, solar water and 12v lighting sources. Not that we won't use electricity at all, but I certainly plan to keep it to a minimum.

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