Roadkill Deer/Window-Bashed Quail/Homemade Bread/Wailing Souls

Yesterday I was driving over to a doctor’s appointment (MRI scan of left knee). I spotted a dead fawn on the road along the lagoon. I didn’t have much time. Parked, found the little critter, although stone dead, still warm. Tossed him in back of truck, got a bag of ice, did my over-the-hill chores, came home and gutted, skinned, and cut up the carcass into chunks which are now aging in the pantry and I’ll cut up and freeze tonight. Tonight I’ll have some of the liver, some of the heart and a kidney with a glass of red wine. Talk about win-win! 20 pounds of tender, flavorful, “organic,” meat, power-packed protein from what would in most cases rot and decompose.

MOREOVER, A few nights before, Mary brought over three dead quail that had crashed into her window. Heavens no, she couldn’t think of eating them1 I cleaned, then stuffed them with onions, little olive oil, salt and pepper, baked at 450º maybe 15 minutes (maybe 10), had with salad, red wine, fresh baked bread still warm from oven.

This foggy morning, a flock of blackbirds in the Eucalyptus tree, singing their hearts out, a multi–tonal symphony, and now The Wailing Souls on Sirius reggae station doing “Oh, What A Feeling.”

So I say Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

Oh what a feeling…

It’s on Firehouse Rock, classic Wailing Souls album.

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  1. Yea, I have to say I waqs a little worried when I oulled up and walked over to the hose, there was a small pile of blood on the cement, I thought to myself "oh sh*t, hope dad didn't get hurt AGAIN", nope just dad, happily drinking a beer with a fresh deer (roadkill I can only presume) spread all over the place.

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