Photos of Peruvian Andes/Like Titicaca/Machu Picchu by Bob Harris

There’s a wonderful series of photos of a trip to the Peruvian Andes, incl. Machu Picchu, by Bob Harris on boingboing. com. This is a photo of one of the floating houses on Lake Titicaca:

“Lake Titicaca is at about 12,500 feet, about 2.4 miles up in the air. By comparison, Denver is at 5280 feet, altitude sickness starts affecting sensitive people at just 8000 feet, and the MacBook I’m using is only rated by Apple to function up to 10,000 feet. (Above that, the thin air can supposedly cause a dynamic imbalance in the spinning hard drive.) Lake Titicaca is, in a word, somewhat high.

As a result, it’s one of the most vividly colorful places on earth. You’re missing almost two and a half miles of air that normally stand between you and the sun god, plus you’re near the equator, so Inti is bashing you pretty straight on. So the blue is BLUE. The green is GREEN. My camera couldn’t possibly do it justice. The colors are so bright they almost vibrate…

And on this beautiful lake — several kilometers out, just, like, floating out there — live several hundred members of the Uros, a people whose culture predates the Incas.…”

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