Mom is 103

Mom, shown here with her caregiver/soulmate of 20 years, Clara Morales

My mother, born Virginia Essie Jones in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 13*, 1907, was 103 this Saturday. She discovered Christian Science when she was in her 20s and didn’t go to a doctor for the rest of her life (us 6 kids were also raised sans doctor). Her mother’s grandfather, Johann George Krieger, was born in Pennsylvania in 1759, and fought in the American Revolutionary War from 1779-1781.

There was a birthday party for her on Saturday at her rest home (Aegis Assisted Living, Corte Madera, Calif.). Staff had hired acordian player Karl Lebherz. My brother Bob brought his banjo and I had my box bass. We played a bunch of songs and my mom and a few of the more lively ladies were tapping their feet and/or swaying to the songs. My mom and dad’s “song” when they were young was “Hold me,” and I sang the lyrics to her (first time I’ve ever sung with a “band”):

Hold me, honey won’t you hold me,

Hold me, never let me go

Take me, honey won’t you take me

Never to forsake me, ’cause I love you so…

*She claims 13 is a lucky number.

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  1. Now that's good livin'….what's her secret? Lemme guess….no booze (I'm doomed). No, a relative of mine jusy turned 102- she said its all about home-cooked food (without preservatives, etc). I'm sure she's right. She still lives alone, still cooks for herself, and still kicks ass n' takes names. Its unbelievable. My wife as an Occupational Therapist has a patient who still lived alone, was sharp as heck, did a once-a-week local cooking radio show, and was 113! No BS!


  2. A beautiful post Lloyd. Happy Birthday to your mother. Are you a Christian Scientist?

    I think we need to stay away from doctors and big pharma. A drink or two and a toke or two a day for me seems to be the way.

    Scrap Wood

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