Obama: The Good News, by Mark Morford

Obama, the great disappointment? The Miracle President hasn’t actually accomplished much? Wrong

Yesterday Mark Morford published a brilliant online column on the great stuff Obama is doing:

“…as I…noted all the changes in a single year, I found myself reenergized, invigorated, slapped awake at the new tone and direction, the sheer scale of all the changes, and how we are no longer the rogue macho cowboy laughingstock jackass of the world.

Sure, there’s still a long way to go. Yes, we’re still invading Afghanistan. Wall Street is still packed with jackals and demons. DOMA still exists. All is far from perfect. But times have changed indeed. Things are most definitely not what they once were. I can think of no better news to report.”


To the editors of the Chronicle: Put this prominently on your op-ed page, (say in place of Debra Saunders one day?). It’s a unique, thoughtful, hopeful essay, worthy of real ink, as well as digital.


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  1. Hey Lloyd, thanks for turning me on to this column… I absolutely love it and of course, in Charleston WV, we don't often see writing like this born from our newspapers here. I just got Shelter too… amazing, amazing book that I will spend hours looking through. Thanks.

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