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We just got a postcard from Jacquie Phelan saying, “Love your boox!” I checked out her website & this photo caught my eye, it looks like one of the temple friezes at Angkor Wat. Here’s what Jacquie writes:

“Mumamel of Barcelona took this groovy pic! It’s at the Casa Macaya in Barcelona…There is something very comforting about the fact that someone (Josep Puig) designing and building a modern house would take the time to include in the facade a (carved? cast?) cyclist. Upon further research, I realize this Catalan architect was in perfect tune with his turn-of-the-century mood…when worldwide, the bicycle was extolled (or reviled) as a harbinger of progress, change, and ‘efficiency’. And women grabbed that tool so fast no one had any time to erect rules. When the motorcar came along, the patriarchy (and the heads of industry as well) were prepared to frame the car as a power symbol that women would willingly let their man steer. Do I sound biased?”

Here is Jacquie’s blog.

Here is the website of the Wombats (Womens’ Mountain Bike and Tea Society), which Jacquie founded).

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