Latest in Solar Water Heating/Auracana and Silver Sebring Bantam Chickens

Our garden is booming right now.

Two members of our bantam flock: Auracana rooster on left, Silver Sebring on right. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Hot Water from the Sun I installed an outdoor solar-heated shower 12 years ago. It’s a large box with a black tank and double-wall plastic glazing. I never shower in the house any more. Each time I feel that hot water I’m amazed and excited and delighted to think that the heat is free energy (other than the cost of the materials of the box). Plus I swear the shower feels different. Molecules of hot water heated by the sun, like rice cooked on a wood stove.

There was an excellent article on the 2008 state-of-the-art of solar water heating by Scott Gibson in a recent Fine Homebuilding: Click here for PDF

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  1. Hey ya!

    We are right there with you on that showing outside thing. Particularly fond of a wood deck underneath the bare toes.

    We just added 3 Banty hens to our (small) flock this week, having never had them before. They are really full of personality.

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