Close Encounter With Friendly Bird

I’d noticed this little bird several times before, hopping around in one of my compost bins. This morning (sunny for a change), I took out some crab shells from last night’s dinner to bury and there he was again. He let me get within 6 feet, highly unusual. He had this enormous eye. I just stood there and he hopped around, as if he was performing. Perky. Up, around, he fluttered in the air once like a hummingbird, and gradually hopped closer to me. He had poisonality. I just stood there in the sunlight, enjoying the moment. I ran back for my camera and he was still there, so here he is. I thought it was a bushtit, but two people wrote in to say it’s a female Ruby-Crowned Kinglet. Once in a while something wonderful happens with a wild animal. Thrilling when it does.

Female Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

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4 Responses to Close Encounter With Friendly Bird

  1. I think what you have there is a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet and a female at that. Sweet tiny birds. The Bushtits you will often see in groups.

    Lloyd, your blog like your books is an inspiration. I enjoy your down-to-earth style, your kind words, your respect for people, your sharing.

    Many Blessings.

  2. Gee, i wonder what it would call itself? Birders are a funny lot. Thanks for sharing it, Lloyd. It's a beeeauuutiful little Bird.
    Annie B. Pescadero

  3. Thanks for the picture. I have seen these little guys/gals hopping around for years and had guessed that they were Ruby Crowned Kinglets but this is the first confirmation. They never seem to stay still but every once in a while I get a glimpse of that small flashing Ruby spot on the crown.
    Dennis Monte Rio

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