Mark Morford on "Shrill Bible Thumpers"

Mark Morford wrote another great column in the San Francisco Chronicle about boycotts of books and movies by the “…ultraconservative sects of Christian-blasted America…” Specifically, their “pale, dour representatives” are hysterically upset about the books and a movie (The Golden Compass) based upon Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy.

“Phillips luminous novels have nothing to do with rejecting faith or destroying the spirit or inhibiting the exploration of what it means to be divine. They relish spirit and the magic of belief and love, are soaked through with divine inspiration of a kind any intelligent Christian (or honest spiritual seeker of any type, for that matter), should crave.…The nefarious thing the books aim to kill is religious authority. It’s about the destruction of dogma…”

Title of the column:

Jesus loves ‘His Dark Materials’

Shrill Bible-thumpers boycott ‘The Golden Compass’; world’s children grin devilishly

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