Ukulele Chords Online: "Ain't She Sweet," "Sweet Georgia Brown," ""Your Cheatin' Heart," Etc. +Ukulele Ike

This morning I got an email from Jeff West referring to one of my old blogs on playing the ukulele and asking if I knew where he could get uke chords for “Ain’t She Sweet.” I looked through my 4 uke song books and not finding it, did a web search AND came up with site that has chords for 239 ukulele songs (free):Doctor Uke’s Uke Chords

When I was in high school I got a song book called Ukulele Ike – Collection for the Ukulele #1, and it’s still the best book of easy-to-play uke chords I’ve seen. Some of them are beautiful progressions, like the chords for “Over the Rainbow.” There are a lot of great ’20s-’30s-’40s era songs, like “Five Foot Two,” “Ja-Da,” and “When You Wore A Tulip.” The chords shown are graphic, that is, they show you the positions of each note on the keyboard, rather than indicating just “C7,” “F,” or “A7.” Three other good uke chord books are: Jumpin’ Jim’s Ukulele Favorites,” Jumpin’ Jim’s Ukulele Gems, and Harry Reser’s Let’s Play the Baritone Uke.

One of the songs I printed out from Dr. Uke was “Fly Me to the Moon.” I’ve always loved the opening lyrics:

Fly me to the moon

And let me play among the stars,

Let me see what Spring is like

on Jupiter and Mars…

They just don’t write lyrics like that nowadays…

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  1. Yes I do! His book of songs is the best I've ever found. Good songs, easy chords.
    DarrkTown Strutters Ball
    Over the Rainbow
    5 Foot Two
    Title: Collection for the Ukelele Number One


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