Round Barn in Vermont

One of those buildings that just took my breath away. Talk abut cathedrals…

Collage of 2 photos; taken in 2005…

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  1. Anon says:

    Lloyd, thank you for sharing all these photos, of architectural details. There’s many here in the past /this photos. literally, they take my breath/make me smile/make me happy/make my skin tingle, and so much more. Someday, I would so love to do an actual tour of inside/outside of buildings you have featured. (maybe this would be a new business for you, grin). Thing is, I would need plenty of time to just sit/stand and savor. I have loved looking at details since I was three or four. My earliest memories are of sitting down on the ground and studying (at length) how a smallish stone building and its roof were constructed. I recall someone stopping to ask me what I was looking at (aliens maybe?), and when I explained, they shook their head and made a “comment”. ….Having said that I love all these details, I cannot cut a board/pound a nail (I still recall my father being puzzled that I couldn’t get the knack of pound a nail, grin), or even draw a straight line….No matter, to this day, I love the details. Inside/outside…Thanks for sharing.

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