Horseneck clams and a marauding seagull tonight

It’s really a lot of heavy shoveling in sticky clay-y sand to get these clams, so no one does it. Me, I have a strange affinity for shoveling, having done it since age 12, and I look on it as a workout. Got these 5 after about 45 min. of shoveling. Took them out and put them in the channel to wash off, went back to get my shovel, and when I got back, a seagull was tugging one of them along. Chased him off. What an opportunist! Such a strong, elegant bird. A survivor.

I leave them in salt water with corn meal sprinkled on top overnight (makes them discharge sand). Then will take long necks, blanch off skin, Cuisinart the white meat, and make clam fritters. Will make broth with the rest of the clams.

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  1. Try the neck pan fried on high. Cut and split the neck then pound the hell out of it LOL. Mix to taste flour,salt,pepper,garlic powder and cayenne powder. It tastes great. I dig up clams in Moss Landing.

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