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Higginbotham Twins Halfway Down Baja Coast on Paddleboards

Email from them this morning:

Hi Lloyd,

Hope you are doing well, Ryan and I are down here in Baja, currently in Bahia Tortugas, just past the half way point. It has been a wild trip so far, but collectively the people of Baja are absolutely the most generous and kind I have been around. I cannot send photos from this computer here, but will be sure to drive up and show you some when we return; and bring the books you loaned us back. By the way, the Baja Atlas, has proven an invaluable tool, without it we would have been up shit creek more than a few times.…

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Higginbotham Twins Start Paddle Journey

Ryan and Casey Higginbotham, lifeguards from Pismo Beach, California, have just set out on an 1100 mile paddleboard trip from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas. A year ago, they paddled 2,200 miles, from Alaska to Tijuana — 7 months on the water. They are now continuing their southward voyage. After reaching Cabo, they’ll rest, then paddle across the Sea of Cortez, heading for South America. Total badasses!

They visited us here a few months ago and went through my library of Baja books. I have a detailed out-of-print Baja atlas, which they copied and are using for navigation.

You can follow them at:

Here’s a recent posting:

We failed to do a little research and showed up at Border Field State Park to a locked gate. After walking everything out Casey got cleaned up on the first surf entry. The biggest challenge is adjusting to all the weight on the boards again. We each rolled atleast a dozen times. At the end of the day it really didn’t matter. We made it to Rosarito and it feels good to be back on the water. The body is going to take some time to adjust to this on the daily. It’s a 19 miler to La Fonda tomorrow and we’re stoked to see what day 2 has in store, nothing bad has happened yet!

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