Surfers’ Hotel in Costa Rica

These last 4 days, we had a visit from Steve Pezman, the co-creator and recently-retired editor of Surfer’s Journal, and his long-time surfing buddy, photographer Leo Hetzel. Steve interviewed me and Leo shot photos for an article in the magazine. We talked about the old days, among other things, and this was the cover of a scrapbook I made of a surfing trip to Costa Rica in 1990. It shows Kurt Van Dyke on the balcony of his hotel for surfers in Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean coast southeast of Puerto Limón. When he saw me about to take a picture, Kurt said, “Classic, eh?”

(I have a long history with the Van Dyke family. Betty Van Dyke is one of my oldest and very best friends, and I hung out with Peter Van Dyke in the ’50s; Kurt is Betty’s son.)

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Old Victorian Home in Santa Cruz, California

It looks pretty sound. (I shot this a few years ago.) New roof. The eaves all look good, no sagging from a bad foundation. I like the funky colors. I bet it’s been fixed up by now. (It looks like it’s been prepped for paintng.)

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