The Pacific Ocean / Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler

I was pretty depressed yesterday, so went walking on the beach. I looked at the water, which I knew was cold — well, 56°, not that cold — and went through the same dialogue – thank goodness! — that always works: “I know you don’t want to, but if you put up with the initial shock, you’re gonna feel great once you’re out.”

It always works. Mojo restarted. Chi starting to hum again.

I do this with waterfalls on cold days, swimming in the cove in San Francisco (I’m a wimp next the the Southenders), pretty often when I’m at the beach. Jumped into Loch Lomond on a visit to Scotland a few years ago; boy was it cold!

I feel it also tunes me into the local medium. Now connected with mountain, ocean, Loch.

So I was sort of back in gear today, got my email answered, then and then came across these 2 songs.

Water and music. They never fail.

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  1. I believe you are entirely spot on the benefit of your cold plunges etc…I am not a “water” person, so no cold swim/waterfall/shower for me…But, I live where it gets mighty cold (minus 30/40), at times in winter. and, even Snappish cold in Fall. Wow, the boost I too get from dressing up warm and being outside. Much same as you report. The cold must “reset” something. Those countries where they have hot saunas and then jump into cold/freezing water may be on to a “secret”.

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