Hike to Plane Crash Site in Colorado Mountains


On Tuesday, I went with Bob Anderson on a hike in the Colorado (Rampart Range) mountains to the site of a 1952 plane crash. It was a tough, up and down, steep, rough terrain 8-mile round trip, and at 9,000 feet more of a workout than I’ve had in a long time.

Capt. Sidney Harrison was flying a Cessna O-1 Bird Dog and crashed in a snowstorm. It’s really remote, no trail markings, but Bob has been there multiple times. It made me realize I need to get back in shape.

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  1. Sean Leach says:

    Damn, Lloyd! Don’t stoke out on us. I spend lots of time at 8-9,000 feet in the mountains around Cody, WY, but I do it on the back of my little mustang mare. My sons hunt elk at altitude humping humongous packs and rifles, but not me anymore. I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night. At 77 I can swallow my pride. Cheers.

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