Friday Morning Fish Fry

Doorway in Berkeley two days ago

Three-dot Journalism
A la Herb Caen, the great Chronicle columnist and lover of all things San Franciscan, and who I started reading at age 15; just throwing out unrelated fragments followed by 3 dots. He often called these columns “Friday Morning Fish Fry.”

“I don’t do what I outta, I just do what I do” – Taj Mahal/Ace of Cups  …  People putting up their incredible outdoor adventure spots on Yelp are ruining those very spots  …  “Corporate executives…are legally obligated to act like sociopaths.” – Andrew Ross Sorkin, quoting Jamie Gamble, NYT July 29, 2019  …  Amidst all the daily doom and gloom, I want to report that the ocean around here is pretty healthy right now, the best fishing in 20 years  …  I’m using instead of Google these days; they don’t track you (Google is actually a better search engine, but usually I can find what I need on DDG)  …  Our electric bills are about $5 a month (for home and production studio), due to the solar installation by American Solar 4 years ago  …  The Outside Lands Music/Art festival in Golden Gate Park this weekend costs a minimum of $350 for the weekend, with up to $1500 for the deluxe pass — I mean who pays prices like these? …

4 Responses to Friday Morning Fish Fry

  1. Rick Gordon says:

    For me, though, I find the format very hard to read in a blog format. Long paragraphs don’t scan well.and ellipses without spaces (and Caen used very widely spaced ellipses, as aI recall) don’t even read as well as periods.

    In my estimation, a succession of bulleted items would read much better, and have the same non-paragraph quality.

  2. Bob Freudenheim says:

    I don’t know…I guess I’m glad I did some of this cool California stuff when there were different times…not that long ago!

  3. Michael Bug Deakin says:

    I am a huge fan of the three dots . . . mine take a little longer because it gives me space to think and/or change direction . . . Lloyd Kahn is a National Treasure in my books, in a time when National anything is hard to swallow . . . except for the Smithsonian i would just build a wall around Washington and be done with it . . . or maybe a hermetically sealed DOME! Love ya Lloyd!!

  4. Laura says:

    Also a huge fan of the three dots, Lloyd…reminds me to take a breath. I’ll purchase and read whatever you choose to publish…I love real books and I will buy them forever. I’m trying to teach a love of reading and the joys of REAL PEOPLE AND REAL THINGS to my digital children! Not easy these days! You are a blessing in my life, Lloyd…there’s always something thought-provoking in your blog. I love old-school blogs! CAN’T WAIT for your Homestead Book! And a gentle edit– “Advice,” not “Advise.” Can’t wait to read more about roadkill!

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