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  1. martin says:


  2. Maui Surfer says:

    was that japanese? chinese? korean?

  3. David Grove says:

    Hello. My name’s David. I’m an author and journalist.

    I spoke to you, awhile back, for my upcoming book on the career and life of actor Bill Bixby, which I plan to finish this year.

    Lloyd, I was wondering if you recall the approximate date when you and Bill, along with the other two members of the singing quartet, performed at the KPIX television station?

    Lloyd, as well, I wondering if you could scan that picture of you and Bill, and the other two members of the quartet, at a high-resolution, perhaps 600 DPI, and send to me for use in my book?

    Thank you.

    David Grove.

  4. Lloyd Kahn says:


    Can you contact me via email? lloyd@shelterpub.com

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